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Quance Wines is set in the beautiful North Devon countryside. Set within it’s own vale, the site offers almost perfect conditions for growing grapes in English conditions.

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The Story

Quance Wines was founded on Jamie’s dream. A dream to produce the highest quality still English wines and on the way to assist in establishing England as one of the most prestigious wine producing regions in the world.

It began in his teens, when Jamie was exposed to high quality wines and foods working in the kitchen of a local high end hotel and restaurant. With visits to other local vineyards, realising the true potential of high quality wine production on these green and pleasant lands.

After several years of research into viticulture and winemaking, the search for land to make this dream into a reality began and in July 2013 we came across an established vineyard in North Devon in need of ‘tender love and care’, and so the journey began. It soon became clear however, that this journey would not be alone, when help from the family and friends flooded in, with Carolyne; Jamie’s mum quickly becoming co-vineyard manager and of late many other family members getting heavily involved in each step of the vintage.

Part of our belief as a wine producer is to break down the barrier of pretension that all to often surrounds wine. We think that quality wine should be accessible to all and keeping things simple is generally the best way. Enjoying wine should be simple and diverse; best enjoyed with the very best friends, family and food.



Ever since the dream first began, the intention was always to produce the highest quality, honest and characterful still red, white and rosé wines. Our winemaking style is a ‘less is more’ approach. We believe the less we intervene with the wines, the better, minimal action from the winemaker will allow the wines to naturally express themselves; perfectly reflecting the terroir of the vineyard.

We produce elegant dry white, refreshing dry rosé and light, fruity dry red wines. We have the intention to produce each of the wines in a style that is appealing to a wide range of drinkers, and that will stand out from all other still English wines. This of course requires the strictest attention to detail in each step of the winemaking process, and with Jamie as head winemaker, he can make the decisive choices for each wine to ensure the end result will be exactly as desired.

Each vintage poses it’s own challenges and as a result every year the grapes have slight differences from one to the next. Therefore, our wines are never identical from different vintages, we treat each crop as sympathetically as possible, ensuring the resulting wines will reflect the year in which they were created.

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The vineyard lies around two and a half miles from the Taw Valley, and is set within a small vale of its own. Situated on a steeply sloping, south facing hill with extremely well drained soil, we have the perfect conditions for high quality wine production. Being less that ten miles to the North Devon coastline means we keep the risk of frosts very minimal, yet we are just inland enough to retain the warmer inland temperatures. We believe our terroir to be one of, if not the best in the region and makes it ideal for producing our signature style of wines.

Our wines are produced from a range of grape varieties carefully selected to suit the vineyards conditions. Our Voliba red wine is produced from Rondo grapes; a deeply coloured black skinned grape, famed for its potential for producing high quality, colour intensive red wines. Our Masona white wine is produced from Madeleine Angevine; a fresh, floral white grape that produces delicate white wines with fantastic ageing potential. Finally, our Verteuia rosé wine produced from a blend of three grape varieties; Rondo, Madeleine Angevine and Chardonnay, together these produce a light, crisp and refreshing wine.

Planning for the future is important to us at Quance Wines, that is why we endeavor to grow our grapes in as sustainable methods as possible, using as close to organic processes as we can in the Devon climate. We have also planted a new grape variety in the vineyard which we believe will be perfect for our terroir, Cabernet Cortis; we intend to use this in a blend with our Rondo or possibly as a single varietal to produce another red wine to add to our range. Along with the reintroduction of Phoenix – a variety that in recent difficult years has stood out for its quality and yield.